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Experience a fully integrated partnership program with EZ2 Payment that paves the way for your success as either a partner or developer. Enjoy competitive, transparent, and lucrative payment schedules tailored to your needs.

Our platform simplifies the entire journey, from onboarding merchants to detailed reporting. Collaborating with us means your customers gain access to a diverse array of branded payment processing solutions.

We bolster your brand with competitive and transparent buy rates, revenue sharing bolstered by our sterling reputation, and dedicated partner success managers

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ISO's & Agents

We empower our resellers with a growth-oriented dashboard featuring both low and high-risk acceptance capabilities, proprietary technology, personalized white glove support, access to multiple banks, and the flexibility to incorporate fully white-labeled sub-organizations under your brand. With these tools, we ensure sales organizations are primed for success.


ISV's & Developers

EZ2 Payment offers a compliant infrastructure, unwavering support, and core processing tailored for your and your merchants' success. EZ2 Payment Connect for the most seamless client onboarding experience, enabling easy payment acceptance and more through our user-friendly API.


Financial Institutions

We've engineered a platform to empower banks and financial institutions to flourish, enabling them to seamlessly and confidently provide their business banking clientele with a comprehensive payment solution. With zero liability and customizable branding options, your institution can effortlessly harness a turnkey, robust payment system.

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We offer a fully integrated partnership program that facilitates your success as a partner or as a developer. EZ2 Payment offers competitive, transparent, and lucrative payment schedules.

Our platform streamlines the entire process from on boarding merchants to comprehensive reporting. By partnering with us, your customers will enjoy a broad range of payment processing solutions, and the best thing, it can be completely branded.

We support your brand by providing competitive and transparent buy rates, revenue sharing augmented by our stellar reputation, and partner success managers

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