EZ2 Payment Gateway
Your Portal To Secure Payment Processing

The EZ2 Payment Gateway is an innovative platform designed to redefine payment processing with a host of features tailored to businesses of all sizes, ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient transaction experience.

Free Virtual Terminal Access In Our Secure Online Merchant Portal

Access our secure online merchant portal for free virtual terminal services. Seamlessly process transactions with ease and confidence, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing for your business needs.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Take charge of your transactions with live monitoring. Stay updated as transactions progress, offering you the necessary insights for well-informed decision-making.

ACH Transactions

Boost efficiency with ACH transactions through the EZ2 Payment Gateway. Process electronic fund transfers to enhance payment capabilities.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Strengthen your risk management with centralized limit monitoring. Easily export reviews to navigate challenges and maintain payment security.

Dispute Analysis and Management

Efficiently analyze and manage disputes with our robust platform. Navigate resolution processes seamlessly for swift solutions to challenges.

Virtual Terminal Capabilities

Easily process online credit and debit sales with our virtual terminal. Manage manual and recurring subscriptions for a versatile solution.

Secure Payment Processing for All

Enjoy enhanced security and compliance with tokenization, encryption, and level 2 & 3 processing.

Partner With Us To Set A New Standard Of Excellence In The World Of Transactions.

From advanced security features to intuitive interfaces, our gateway is leading the way in transforming how businesses handle their payments.

Services We Offer

We offer custom payment solutions so your business can quickly and easily begin accepting safe and secure card payments.


E-Commerce Payments

Embracing online payment solutions is crucial for e-commerce businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape.


Recurring Billing & Invoicing

Streamlining your business's payment process and enhancing cash flow is possible through online recurring billing and invoicing.


Hosted Payment Pages

Businesses can securely and efficiently accept online payments through hosted payment pages.


Customer Analytic Tools

Enhance customer experiences and deepen insights for retail and restaurant businesses with online customer database tools.

Gateway Solutions

EZ2 Payment's online exclusive gateway solutions provide essential assistance to businesses of all sizes and diverse operational requirements. Whether you operate a successful e-commerce platform, a virtual consultancy service, or a blend of online and in person sales with physical terminals, EZ2 Payment gateway solutions are customized to improve your efficiency and adaptability. With our solutions, businesses can optimize online transactions, enhance customer experiences, and effortlessly adjust to their specific needs, ultimately excelling in today's competitive digital environment."

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